Assistance to Authors

Our Authorial Assistance service can provide as much or as little help as needed by the
author. On the lighter end of the Assistance continuum,
IndexingPros can read and give
direction and feedback on author-created indices at an hourly rate.

We also offer a
50/50 Program that will appeal to authors who desire more control over
the content of the index as well as a lower overall price tag for the index. With detailed
instructions and worksheets provided by
IndexingPros, authors create and provide to us
the raw content for the index which we import into our proprietary indexing software
where we can alphabetize and edit the data.
IndexingPros returns a preliminary index to
the author that identifies entries requiring sub-entries and guidance for tightening the
content. Once the author feels satisfied with the index, we will insure the index meets
the press style requirements and return a final document to the author, who can then
provide the completed, polished index to the press for publication.

This price for this unique service runs about half of what it would cost if
writes the index for the author.

Contact us for additional details and pricing.
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